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Great list, Jennifer. Thank you for doing this. I would like to add another well written and organized resource I rely on:

8. Social Security Administration Accessibility Help. While perhaps out of scope for A11yBOK, I think they've done a great job with their material for users, under "Web Accessibility Help"


8.1 Accessibility Commitment: Section 508 Overview. This is the part of the site that includes guidance for procurements and development.



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>Perhaps it will be consider jumping the gun, but I'll put out the following set of resources, now, while I have time. Perhaps others can bookmark them, or capture them in a better place, for use when the time is right.
>I hope my taking the time to collect these, now, won't cause a problem with the Delphi process. But I may not have time later.
>I view this message as a follow-on to the kinds of resources people have already been posting to Twitter. and that I highlighted earlier.
>Numbering is to aid tracking, rather than to suggest prioritization. Note that I'm specifically NOT mentioning WAI resources since I think they're pretty easy to find.
>1. wikipediaWikiProject Accessibility - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
>[JS: While this project may have a focus on the accessibility of Wikipedia, generally, I think it may be worth noting for consideration, as appropriate.]
>2.  ARIA - MDN:
>3. Laura Carlson's weekly Web Design Update (which is not only about accessibility):
>3.1.  Subscribe info:
>4.  Selected citations, summarized from the "How We could Build a Body of Knowledge" blog post (but may not be entirely comprehensive):
>[I mention this blog post in case some people are new to the list and may have missed this post. The comments are valuable.)
>4.1. AccessiWeb 2.1 reference list - detailed list
>  http://www.braillenet.org/accessibilite/referentiel-aw21-en/index.php
>4.2.  Jim Tobias's citation re. "strengthening the community of practice:"
>4.3. Victor Brito comment excerpt:
>"... a French project called KBAccess (<http://www.kbaccess.org>), which is a body of knowledge showing good and (almost) bad examples in accessibility, each test case illustrating the result for a given test (based on Accessiweb reference version 2.1), if this test is valid, invalid, not applicable or needs more information (in case of doubt) and why. "
>4.4.  Sébastien Delorme comment excerpt:
>"It is very close to a project that has been started in June 2011. This project, called AcceDe Web, is going to be launched very soon (<http://www.accede-web.com>).
>It is a community project on Web Accessibility, coordinated by Atalan.
>AcceDe Web is supported by important French companies (Air Liquide, Atos, BNP Paribas, Capgemini, EDF, Generali, SFR, SNCF, Société Générale and SPIE) and by other stakeholders (Agence Entreprises & Handicap, Anysurfer, APF, CIGREF, ESSEC, Handirect, Hanploi, Sciences Po and Télécom ParisTech). . . . The whole project will be published in the form of a wiki in June 2012."
>[JS: With translation from French expected.]
>4.5.  Jonathan Avila mentions this, related to the ATIA report:
>5.  I wonder if leaders in the community of practice including for-profit companies such as The Paciello Group, SSB Bart, Deque, and the nonprofit, Knowbility (to be far too U.S.-centric, so please forgive), have databases, Wikis, or other similar collections of resources that they would be willing to share, wholesale, with the project.
>I know that WebAIM makes its information rather publicly available, and I noticed that at least some of that is what Karl's collected, but what might these other companies have to offer?
>6. The Society for Technical Communication Body of Knowledge:
>7. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge via Wikipedia:
>7.1. http://www.pmi.org/PMBOK-Guide-and-Standards/Standards-Current-PMI-Standards-Projects.aspx
>7.2.  Proposed Fifth Edition, open for comment until March 20, 2012:
>[JS: But you can't see it, as far as I can tell, unless you have a login.]
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