[A11ybok] Gap Analysis Process -- a public description of my potential contributions

Jennifer Sutton jsuttondc at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 11:22:54 EDT 2012

Greetings, all:

I've got a question related to this gap analysis, and as you will 
see, I provide information here in terms of what my contribution(s) 
might be. Snipping Karl's post liberally.

At 06:22 AM 3/16/2012, you wrote:


>Step 1: Everyone interested in doing so, create a list of things you
>think must be contained in a proper Body of Knowledge for
>Accessibility. <snip>

Step 2: Send it to me directly at karlgroves at gmail.com.  This is
>important!!!  In a Delphi method, anonymity of the submitter is
>important for subsequent rounds. <snip>

I respond:
But if annonimity is so important, then how does that work out, Karl, 
if *YOU* know who everyone is and what each has proposed should be 
contained in  the Body of Knowledge?

For my part, because I believe deeply in transparency and 
collaboration, I'm waiting to see how this project evolves, but I 
intend to take as active a part as I am able, as a self-employed 
person with limited volunteer time. As I just did by sending the 
Twitter archive, I will make contributions, here, as my time permits.

I will add that my primary focus, in terms of volunteer time, is on 
my participation as an active member, since 2009, in the WAI's 
Education and Outreach Working Group, and I expect that to continue 
to be the case.

Given that I've done a fair bit of technical writing and research, I 
expect my contribution would be in helping to organize the content 
and assist with editing and writing (since I presume the Body of 
Knowledge won't be just a collection of links, but rather, it will 
consist of content that would be annotated.

If funding does become available, I'll be glad to put myself forward 
(via application, or whatever), as an editor.

I believe a Wiki would be a good way to collect information.

To expand on the "scrum"/agile concept, I'm thinking that grouping 
folks into local "pockets" of knowledge, where people could 
collaborate online without timezone issues, or work face-to-face, to 
work on specific areas of expertise might be valuable. It might not 
make sense (at first glance), to consider small f-t-f groups, but I 
think there could be advantages in terms of speeding communication 
and making substantive and rapid progress.

By responding in this fashion, I' not suggesting that everyone should 
respond publicly, but doing so is what makes me most comfortable.


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